Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Order completed with bookatrix #2 and a new obsession

I finished the order for my friend with a pale green bookatrix using a Papernation decoupaged design for the horsey element. I hope it is well received when I deliver the cards on Friday.

I always worry a little when I make cards for other people when they haven't been specific about their requirements. One of these days I'll start believing in myself I hope.

I have also discovered a new card making topper series that really appeals to me. The DOTTIE series from Charmed Cards and Crafts is just really fun and adorable. So far I've made cards with the FUNTIME selection but I can see more coming soon at this rate.

I have spoken to the designer online and I have more cards on the horizon so watch this space! I took great pleasure in being told that mine was the first Champion Multitasker card that Louise had seen.
I wish my doodles could be taken on by fellow crafters like Louise's have been - not that my artwork is as good as hers yet but I can keep practising and hoping can't I?
My little girl has taken to the Dottie pictures as well and I have had to wrestle at least three from her grubby little mitts in the hope of being able to salvage them! Note to self - only print and colour the pictures as I am about to stick them onto cards ------ coloured in images are as tempting to two year olds as sweeties!

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Louly said...

I love them Caz and thank you so much for your kind words about Dottie. I think you should make a little Dottie colouring book for your daughter. I don't know if you have a bind-it-all but that would work perfectly.I'm putting you on my faves list.