Thursday, 3 April 2008

More Dottie cards with a little 'helper'

After checking with Louise I can confirm that Dottie isn't shy and wants to be seen on as many blogs as possible so here are another few cards featuring the funky female!

My little helper has also been busy with her Dottie work - she wanted to "make a tard all by mineself" so here she is with her "hard work mummy"

I think Louise's idea of making her a Dottie colouring book might be the way to go or I could end up with serious stash competition!


Louly said...

Awwww she's a star. Bless her lil' cotton socks. You definately need to get that colouring book made.

Louly said...

Would you mind if I show your daughter and her Dottie on my blog? If yes, what's she called? I don't mind if it's a no. I just wanted to show off Dottie's younger audience. xx