Tuesday, 22 April 2008

If you want to get ahead get a

Hat and Hat box!

One of my crafty friends sent me a load of printed sheets as a birthday present and this is what they made! I'm really pleased with the result - the hat is a gift box as well as the hat box if you know what I mean so I'm going to use it for a end of term teacher's present for the boys. I'm planning on making some handmade jewellry to go in it.

Oh and you'd better make mine a LARGE hat coz my head will be all swollen - Emmi, the lady who got the horsey bookatrix for her birthday came and thanked me personally this morning and told me I was selling myself short and not charging enough for them! Now that's the type of feedback I like - now I just need HER to order cards from me as well once the website is up and running LOL!

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Cass said...

This looks fabby.Really pretty colours.

Cass xx