Sunday, 27 April 2008

Craft free weekend :(

My darling daughter decided to throw up all over my lovely leather couches on Thursday and I ended up feeling just as ill yesterday so despite having hubby at home I did absolutely no crafting whatsoever coz I couldn't bring myself to get out of my pyjamas or off the settee!

Fortunately after a day of eating nothing but two mint humbugs and a piece of toast plus having an afternoon nap and an early night I am feeling altogether more human today :) I have managed to sort out a full weekly online food shop this morning - thanks to Mr Asda I won't have to brave Tesco on Wednesday YIPPEE!! - watch the Grand Prix, do some housework and cook a roast chicken! Hardly fun and games but at least I'm no longer feeling sorry for myself.

All the progress about Hubby's new business venture has continued at a pace. We have ordered a nice looking summerhouse to serve as an office so he can work without the kids harrassing him. The theory is that he will not be bothered by the unending clutter that we seem to have around the house ...... it will be his domain and his alone so any mess will be his own as well! One more week left at work and then he's joining the ranks of the self employed so fingers crossed it will all run smoothly.

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