Friday, 25 April 2008

Oh heck I've been tagged twice ........

Once by Me and Lil G and once by Crafty Wanderings! Guess there's no escaping from it and it's my turn to get personal!

1. The first concert I went to was Billy Joel, the last one was Journey.

2. I can blow up a double airbed without a pump!

3. I used to have hair long enough to sit on.

4. I know the whole script to Grease II.

5. I only started papercrafting because I couldn't have all my needlecraft out when my eldest son started crawling.

6. I've got a law degree but I'd love to have done history or archaeology as I'm a history and genealogy nut!

7. I went to the same school as Kenny Dalgleish's kids.

Now I'm going to pass the tag on to Country Crafter Gilly Flower Shari G Joanne and Enfys

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