Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Charmed Cards and Crafts Challenge

This is my entry to the first half of the current challenge on Charmed Cards and Craft. It is a star shaped exploding box with a metallic silver fimo heart paperweight in the middle.

---------------------------------------The rules are:
I would like you to make an exploding box (again). But this time it doesn’t have to be a simple square box. If you are feeling more adventurous perhaps you would like to have a go at a cuboid or pyramid box. ? - I haven’t been able to find any templates for those but instructions for squares are available on the internet or in an earlier thread here and they don’t look that hard to work out. (Shell may be able to help here with it’s location.) On top of that I want you to make a centrepiece with a difference for it. I would like you to create something out of FIMO to sit in the box. This could be a flower or ornament of some kind a piece of jewellery or anything else that takes your fancy. The box itself can be decorated ready for use or contain photos. That’s up to you.For the 2nd part of the challenge I’d like you to create a card that again uses Fimo on it in some way. Maybe a card topper or a piece of removable jewellery / charm that can be used by the recipient on a necklace


Louly said...

Oh wow Caz that is just amazing! Sorry you're having trouble getting your images the right size for the gallery, i make my images about 500pixels on the longest side, does that help?
I've just shown the card you made me on my blog, I really do love it.

Juliet said...

Fabulous!!! I love this shape.