Monday, 27 April 2009

What do you think of my facelift?

You don't need to be particularly sharp eyed to notice that I've given my blog a bit of a paintjob! The design is courtesy of the lovely designers over on The Cutest Blog On The Block

I'm much happier with the slightly more crafty, scrapaholic type style than the blocky design I had before so I hope that you like it too.

Now I'm off for a glass or two of vino plonko since the kids are in bed, tea is in the oven and I'm in the mood for chillin'


Patsi said...

i am loving your new look blog x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh my goodness caz, love your new look, and all your postings,

couldn't believe it, none since november now cannot keep up with them all, lol...

maria x

Anonymous said...

looking good caz, iv wondered where youve been. weve missed you.
gina xxxxx