Sunday 20 April 2008

A whole day of luxury!

I managed to stay in bed til after 10 am yesterday, then had an hour long soak in a lovely deep bubble bath - bubbles courtesy of Virgin Vie Honey and Orange Blossom brulee! HEAVENLY and smells good enough to eat!

I had an order for another sympathy card which I made using bits from the Papermania Vintage collection - photo to follow when I find where I saved it!

Yesterday evening we left the kids with my mum and went off for a meal in the local Indian Restaurant. I came home suitably stuffed full of bhajis, poppadoms, biryani and nan bread and then relaxed with hubby and a bottle of White Zinfandel in front of the telly! I probably should have gone to bed at least an hour before I did but I'm a bit of a closet Family Guy fan so I ended up needing matchsticks to keep my eyes open! - Definitely a Naughty but Nice day from start to finish ;) LOL!

Luckily the kids were happy to have a "picnic" breakfast in their room this morning so I didn't have to surface too early today either - BONUS! What a lazy lump I've been this weekend ....... shame it had to end really but now it's back to reality with a mound of washing to get the uniform and work clothes ready for tomorrow. Only two more weeks and hubby'll be working for himself so the workload'll change again then.

P.S. Hope you don't object to the playlist I've added to my blog - I can't help being a bit of a 70s and 80s rock fan ....... if I'd been ten years older I bet I'd've had a dodgy mullet shaggy perm and skin tight jeans!

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