Monday 14 April 2008

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me

Well I need to sing it to myself because my lovely hubby didn't bother getting me a card or a present and didn't even get up before me this morning so I still ended up doing everyone's breakfast as usual etc.

Having said that I did get loads of lovely handmade cards from my online friends, some gift vouchers from one friend, a cake and chocolate from another friend and a big bunch of flowers from another oh and a handmade mini book of yumminess from another online friend.

I had a PTA meeting to attend this lunchtime and we've got nothing planned for this evening so I'm feeling a little deflated about my birthday to be honest. Never mind, at this age I should be ignoring the day not getting stressed about it shouldn't I?


Liz Armstrong said...

No Caz - you should be SO stressed about it that it rubs off on your OH too.

If Des (my partner) forgot my birthday and didn't treat me like an absolute queen ALL day, well ... I'm not sure I can print what I'd do! lol!

I couldn't possibly make up for your hubby missing your birthday, but I can send you lots of birthday wishes and hugs.

(((lots of birthday hugs )))
and kisses xxxx

Liz Armstrong said...

There's a late pressie for you in your inbox : )


Foxcraft said...

Thank you Liz, when I checked my inbox today I had a BIG smile on my face!

Watch this space for the results!

xxxx Caz

Sarah C said...

I didn't know it was your birthday, so belated birthday wishes from me xxx