Thursday 3 April 2008

Should've kept it quiet now she's more famous than me!

Just a quickie to say a huge thank you to Louise for including my little lady and her crafting on her blog with all the official Dottie news

How to make a little girl very happy in one easy step - only problem is now her brothers are jealous! I guess I'll have to add their artwork to here soon to keep them happy.


Louly said...

Oh no! What have I started? I hope the boys don't pester you too much. LOL. You asked about a crafting Dottie. There's an artist Dottie in the fun time collection, she's standing next to an Easel and there's a free, Dottie holding a crop-a-dile on the charmed forum, If you scroll down on my blog there's more details, that challenge finishes on Saturday so you'd have to get in quick.

Cathy said...

Your little helper is a great colourer iner (as my little one says!)! She puts me to shame. Dottie should be proud of her attention and hard work!
The boys will have to work hard to compete!

Stamp n Sparkle said...

Oh that's cute! I wonder what they boys will come up with? Are they crafty? I have 2 little girls who think they are famous if I put their card on my blog :) SO cute!