Monday 31 March 2008

Chubby Cheeks is no more ..... and new card

Finally all the swelling round A's face has gone down and he no longer looks like he's done 3 rounds with Ricky Hatton! Poor little mite ended up in such a state on Saturday but luckily a course of anti-histamine and a new bedding set seems to have sorted him out - well he's fighting with the other two again so that's gotta be a good sign!

I made a sympathy card for a friend at the weekend >>>>>>>
I always find them really difficult to make and unfortunately I've had a few to make fairly recently but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. The silver card was textured and the small rose panel at the bottom was raised on decoupage cards to give some extra texture - I thought this was important since my friend is blind so I wanted elements that she could appreciate. She was obviously quite pleased coz she asked for another two cards for two birthdays she has coming up

I already have the first of her ordered cards finished - the requirements were a card for an origami and butterfly lover! Hmmmmmmmm that made me think but I'm really rather pleased with the result.

Friday 28 March 2008


My copy of Scrapbook Inspirations dropped through the letterbox this morning as usual and I had a brief flick through when I should've been doing something else - on the readers letters page a picture caught my eye because I recognised one of the papers used in the project, then I looked again and realised that I recognised the WHOLE project, it was MINE!

I sent a picture of the mini book that I made on Rupert the Robo for my nan's 80th birthday ages ago and forgot about it. I've submitted stuff before and never been featured so I think I'd just ignored it to be honest but there it was, in glorious technicolour!

Well I bounced about like a kid at Christmas and had to ring around and tell people, you'd've sworn I won the lotto not just a pack of brads and some sticky jewels LOL!

Now I'm going to send a copy of the page in the mag to my nan as well as her card, just to prove my 15 mins of fame hahahahaha.

Finished the card AND found the address

Here's the proof that I made my first ever bookatrix! Couldn't make a box the right size for it so I made a little foldy envelope with a ribbon clasp - thought it was quite approprite coz the competition is for a company called "Letters Tied With Blue"
Now I guess I just have to hope it gets there on time coz it has to be there by 3rd April. Hope the post is working on normal time not Cornish time this week otherwise I'll have wasted my time.
My poor little man has a horrible swollen eye at the moment and I don't know what has caused it so my nice plans of a warm day spent watching DVDs and crafting has gone out of the window since we've gotta take him to the doctors instead. I think he's feeling sorry for himself coz he wants to be on Mummy's knee the whole time - ever tried crafting with a small child surgically attached to your lap? Take my advice, don't bother, it's impossible!

Thursday 27 March 2008

Well this is it, my new blog, a whole page full of my witterings. If you can follow them you're probably in the minority coz as my friends will testify I'm a bit of a head the ball!

I've made a step forward today and made my first Bookatrix style card, I made it for a competition in a craft magazine (the name of which I can't remember - oooops! must find it so I can send it to the right place) using Rupert my Craft Robo and a Papernation decoupage. I'm really pleased with it even though I didn't like bookatrix to start with, I always thought they were too OTT but I've seen a few more plain ones now and I think I'm converted.

I've got an order for a sympathy card to make this weekend so I've got to get my thinking cap on now. I hate making sympathy cards but this one is actually for a blind woman to send so I think in a way that makes it even more difficult coz I can't show it to her to make sure she likes it. Eeeek! I'll probably make it tomorrow and put it up.