Friday 28 March 2008


My copy of Scrapbook Inspirations dropped through the letterbox this morning as usual and I had a brief flick through when I should've been doing something else - on the readers letters page a picture caught my eye because I recognised one of the papers used in the project, then I looked again and realised that I recognised the WHOLE project, it was MINE!

I sent a picture of the mini book that I made on Rupert the Robo for my nan's 80th birthday ages ago and forgot about it. I've submitted stuff before and never been featured so I think I'd just ignored it to be honest but there it was, in glorious technicolour!

Well I bounced about like a kid at Christmas and had to ring around and tell people, you'd've sworn I won the lotto not just a pack of brads and some sticky jewels LOL!

Now I'm going to send a copy of the page in the mag to my nan as well as her card, just to prove my 15 mins of fame hahahahaha.


cannycrafter said...

Way to go!!!!!!! Well done! and happy blogging! Only started mine last November and didn't know anything about blogging!

Heather said...

Well done on being published. Hev xx