Friday 28 March 2008

Finished the card AND found the address

Here's the proof that I made my first ever bookatrix! Couldn't make a box the right size for it so I made a little foldy envelope with a ribbon clasp - thought it was quite approprite coz the competition is for a company called "Letters Tied With Blue"
Now I guess I just have to hope it gets there on time coz it has to be there by 3rd April. Hope the post is working on normal time not Cornish time this week otherwise I'll have wasted my time.
My poor little man has a horrible swollen eye at the moment and I don't know what has caused it so my nice plans of a warm day spent watching DVDs and crafting has gone out of the window since we've gotta take him to the doctors instead. I think he's feeling sorry for himself coz he wants to be on Mummy's knee the whole time - ever tried crafting with a small child surgically attached to your lap? Take my advice, don't bother, it's impossible!

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