Friday 11 April 2008

Happy Nappy News

I've got a friend who is a 1st year student midwife and she was involved in her first delivery last night so I wanted to make her a special card (she's waited years to get the chance to do the course so she's understandably VERY emotional about it)

Anyway, I wrote a poem which hasn't come out too clearly on the photo but it says:
How amazing it must be
Being there to give
A baby their first helping hand
As they start to live
To know you have a special role
In their first few minutes
Taking their first breaths of life
With you a big part in it!
We had a student doing her first hospital delivery when I was in labour the first time and she was great. She even refused to go off duty at the end of her shift because she wanted to stay til the end!
The card's a bit different for me because I printed the image onto Safmat and then stuck it onto textured coloured paper to give it a softer, more arty feel - well that was the plan anyway.

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Louly said...

Caz it's so pretty and your poetry is just beautiful, she'll love it. I just got my card, thank you so so much I love it to bits, it has pride of place on my mantle piece.