Monday 15 February 2010

It's fun, funky and furry!

This is the hot water bottle cover that I have just knitted for one of my friends who takes her hottie bottie EVERYWHERE with her .... even while she's waiting for the kids after school! She wanted something with pink, turquoise and cream and said the more OTT the better so I think she got her request! Hubby says it looks like a rat but I think it's probably more chinchilla ;o)

I got the pattern from a calendar which was given away with a magazine last year and I used plain black aran wool with pink "chinchilla" eyelash yarn and turquoise "fizz" eyelash yarn. It is fastened with little turquoise flower buttons since the suppliers sent yellow butterfly buttons rather than the blue ones I ordered but I think they still count as extra OTT elements. Now I just have to hope that she likes it when I give it to her this week.

On the subject of liking what I've made, I delivered the completed Christening invitation order that I got last week earlier today and got some really positive feedback. It's always really nice to hear that people really like what you have made.

Now I'm away to start on making some more Christmas presents for this year. I've got a load of yellowy eyelash yarn so I'm thinking of making some luxurious fluffy scarves for some of my friends and I'm also trawling magazines for patterns for bigger presents for the family ... if only I wasn't so indecisive! So many patterns ..... so little time! Mind you since it's pouring with rain I think knitting is preferable to stripping turf off the allotment plot!


kates-kards said...

morning caz
your hotwater bottle looks fab
very funky lol

Anjie said...

Caz I love it, very funky indeed.