Friday 24 October 2008

Ups and downs of a suburban crafting mum

I am really annoyed with the postal service now ...... I sent the pink card I made for the blog challenge to my friend Sue (Sue Bubbles) and it has gone AWOL! As if that's not annoying enough, the card that I made for Sue before she went to hospital also went missing between the postbox and Sue's letterbox! Surely we have to pay enough for postage it shouldn't be so hit and miss?

On the other hand, I have been lucky enough to receive four lovely cards full of stamped images from ladies from the DoCrafts forum. I am very very grateful to them for their generosity but it probably means I will end up spending a fortune on new stamps now as they have whetted my appetite! I am especially taken by the Tilda's from Magnolia and the Willow's from Whiff of Joy!

Earlier this week I had a meeting at the nursery at school confirming that Little Miss will be starting nursery in January 2009! She's been given the morning sessions that we wanted and although she has a few short sessions with me in tow she starts PROPERLY on January 26th!!!! Where have my babies gone?

I've spent most of the week butting heads with the kids it seems - they are all so confident and wilful it can become a real tug of war at times! However at different points this week they have ALL made my heart swell. Our eldest was awarded a "Child of Note" award for his hard work at his class's French Study day ..... apparently he has an excellent accent and attitude! Then middle tiddler came home with his first House Points Certificate for collecting 25 house points, plus a challenge award for super story writing and he has also been put up a level on his reading scheme so I am as proud as punch of that. Finally, Little Miss has developed a real taste for all things crafty (wonder where she got that from!?!) and has been creating some lovely paintings, glitterings and colourings with very little mummy-intervention .... not bad since she's not even 3 yet.

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Alex said...

Hi Caz,
I can imagine you being very proud of your kids! I'd be! Hope the tug of war isn't too bad, we I am dealing with it too a lot... if that's any consolation?
Have a great day!