Monday 20 October 2008

Oh my, I've been TAGGED! plus Challenge Caz Candy

Canny Crafter (another Caroline geez we're good lol!) has tagged me so now I have to say a HUGE thank you and pass the tag on to 6 other bloggers. This is the difficult bit, I love blog hopping and get so much inspiration from them that I'm not sure who to name! SO I'm taking a leaf out of some other bloggers books and saying that you ALL deserve it - please feel free to add it to your blog and pass it on!
Over on the DoCrafts Scrapbooking forum, some of the ladies have been setting each other crafting challenges and I was feeling left out so I asked for a challenge (That's right, I ASKED for it!) and Sall came up with the first challenge which was: Book shape, ribbon, stamped image, handmade embellishment, 2 photos or decoupage, brads or eyelets, glitter and a Christmas theme. Here's what I came up with:


The next Challenge Caz Challenge has been a group effort and the criteria are:
Glitter, a candy cane, 2 christmas puddings, Christmas ribbon, 5 Christmas coloured buttons, 2 stamped images, 4 types of christmas paper and a robin.

I haven't done it yet but if you fancy a laugh why don't you join in. If anyone is up for it, post a picture on your blog and leave a comment here linking it to your challenge card. If anyone is brave enough to join in there might just be a little prize in it for the winner.

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