Saturday 18 October 2008

See me ..... I'm Mrs Goodwife I am!

After my cake baking earlier in the week I've had another cookery day today.

I made my first ever batch of chutney - a pear and apple chutney based on a recipe from Valentine Warner's WHAT TO EAT NOW series. It took a while and started off smelling rather vile but ended up smelly REALLY scrummy. The only problem is that now I have to leave it to mature for 6-8 weeks and I am such an impatient so and so! Anyway, by Christmas we should be enjoying lovely spicy chutney with everything since I made enough for three big jars!

I also boiled a bacon shank to do a good old fashioned Northern Lass dish of bacon, cabbage, butterbeans and boiled potatoes and made a great big pan of soup with the stock from boiling the bacon. I cannot lie - these recipes do mean that you have to sleep with the windows open lol but they are lovely and comforting on such a cold night.

Finally, I am also pickling some onions to go in the cupboard ready for Christmas and New Year. Since my Little Miss has apparently followed in her late grandmothers footsteps and got a taste for pickles I think I might have to make more than just one big jar!


Oh and I successfully managed to get the complete text of the Camelford Town Charter in both English and Latin onto one of the large candles I got from Asda so I'm hoping that mum and dad will like them for their medieval do. Once they've been approved I'll post pics.

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