Thursday, 13 November 2008

I've been busy but I'm back again

I've been making the 30 Christmas cards that were ordered by the headmistress for her to send to the governors etc. I've also been making sample candles for mum and dad to show off at their fundraising event in Camelford on Saturday - they turned into a bit of a pain coz the printer kept smudging all the text. I finally got it sorted in time for Dad to collect them yesterday.

I was on such a high last week after seeing my cards on the telly! Hayley had 8 of the 10 cards I sent her on display for the whole show AND she copied one of my designs as an in-show sample make!!!!! I literally bounced around the living room and was talking so quickly it was like some sort of high! I can't wait to try some more products once they are ready for me to try another CD. I'll keep you posted......

My doodled designs are coming along and should soon be able to go onto the website. I hope that people will think that they are worth buying! I like the line drawing effect so I hope other people do as well.

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sue-bubbles said...

Nice to see you blogging again Caz! Congratulations on your TV debut - your cards are wonderful! Glad to hear that you have got your school cards made and that your candles turned out okay in the end! Dont forget a little chill time missus!
Sue x