Sunday, 16 November 2008

Ever wish you hadn't started something?

I finally had to admit that my crafting stash was taking up FAR too much room in the dining room and sort it all out! Hubby wants it all well hidden in time for the Christmas decorations to go up and as I usually put the tree up on December 1st I thought I'd better make it sooner rather than later.

Well after over 24 hours I can actually see the back of the dining table at last! For the past goodness knows how long it has been covered in boxes and piles full of crafting stuff and it's amazing what was in there that I had forgotten about!!!!!!!!

In the midst of the chaos I have found 2 corner rounder punches, 4 embossing tools, 2 unopened packs of the same style of ribbon, 8 robo cut Christmas cards that I had forgotten about and 5 pairs of scissors amongst other things!!!

The REALLY bad bit is that I STILL haven't finished :S However the dining room does look a lot bigger than it did and Hubby is a lot happier than he was!

One of my DoCrafts friends Ann has started her scrapping December project from Shimelle Laine's class and it looks like it will be a great journey. Unfortunately I can't spare the $30 price tag for the class at the moment so I will have to give it a miss but I have decided to try to scrap some of the most important bits of the build up to Christmas as well as the big day itself. It's always busy with the kids and with Litte Miss's birthday being right in the middle of it but the thought of recording bits like the decorating the tree, wrapping the presents, school concerts and parties and the like has got me feeling all festive. Jingle all the way!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

Well done on finding your dining room table caz, lol

Keep it up, you can do it, I'm right behind you...

...and when you've finished you can come and help me sort out my spare/office room, lol.

Maria x

sue-bubbles said...

Oh I frequently wish I hadnt started something Caz lol! But isnt it lovely coming upon stash that you had forgotten about - its like getting it new all over again! I mostly move stash from one place to another rather than tidy it up....Im a lost cause! Have fun with your 'new' stash!
Sue x