Friday 22 May 2009

My latest creation ........ complete!

Beautifully modelled by my little princess :o)

I used a pattern from the free selection over on Lion Brand which is called "Short and Sweet". It is made in DK yarn using half treble stitch and it was so quick and easy to make I think she may well end up with a selection in various colours. This one was made specifically to go over her medieval dress (she wanted a cape like mine but she's 3 and would NEVER have kept a cape in place) but since it only took 1 1/2 balls of wool and a few evenings to make I'm planning on making a few more....... once I've found another pattern to make something for the boys so they don't feel left out!

I am so pleased with the result so I'm sorry if I go on about it but I've not been doing crochet for very long and getting a decent result is quite an achievement for me ......and Rhiannon loves it too, so much so that she's insisted on wearing it to nursery today!

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Hi it's Maria said...

she looks cute in it caz, well done...

maria x