Tuesday 19 May 2009

I'm all baked out ..........

DD (aged 3) had a friend to come and play after nursery yesterday so I had spent a HUGE amount of time trying to make the place look respectable for the little girl's gran (Is it just me who does that?) and the plan was that the girls would get to play out on the trampoline and tire themselves out in the process. UNFORTUNATELY, the great British weather decided to step in and the torrential rain meant that they couldn't even manage one bounce for fear of getting webbed feet :o)

Plan B ...... oh heck why hadn't I planned a Plan B???? In the end we had a baking session and they made chocolate fairy cakes with glace icing and sprinkles on top and a big tray of shortbread. I never realised how much mess two giggling pre-schoolers could make ................. but BOY did they have fun! By the time gran came to pick our visitor up they were both COVERED in sticky icing and cake mix where they had been licking the bowl :o) Makes you wonder why I bothered tidying in the first place!

Once normality had been resumed (ie once the kids had eaten tea and were engrossed in a Dr Who episode), I set to work on finishing a card for my friend's sister who had her first baby yesterday (*Congratulations Cathryn*) and ended up almost as sticky as the girls had been! By then end of it my fingers were covered in Sky Blue and Cyan Promarker and PVA glue *BLEURGH* ----- The resulting card is a double decorated gatefold A5 creation using a Robo'd pram template from UKScrappers. I hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

FAB card Caz I wondered where you had been not seen you in ages.. I must look on UKS again and download any 'new' templates.. Speak soon.. don't forget the June Crop.. I have two more sets of nesties.. Petite Ovals and labels four.. which I used on my latest gallery offering.. Speak soon.. Have fun with your merry Jousting on saterday hopethe weather holds and the shawl keeps you nice and warm.. Can't find my blog password typical..... Peter XX

pickle said...

Blimey Caz I feel exhausted just readin all that.

Love your card, especially hoe you have done the details.
I'll leave you to get on with the crichewt and have a good weekend.

kerry x