Thursday, 27 March 2008

Well this is it, my new blog, a whole page full of my witterings. If you can follow them you're probably in the minority coz as my friends will testify I'm a bit of a head the ball!

I've made a step forward today and made my first Bookatrix style card, I made it for a competition in a craft magazine (the name of which I can't remember - oooops! must find it so I can send it to the right place) using Rupert my Craft Robo and a Papernation decoupage. I'm really pleased with it even though I didn't like bookatrix to start with, I always thought they were too OTT but I've seen a few more plain ones now and I think I'm converted.

I've got an order for a sympathy card to make this weekend so I've got to get my thinking cap on now. I hate making sympathy cards but this one is actually for a blind woman to send so I think in a way that makes it even more difficult coz I can't show it to her to make sure she likes it. Eeeek! I'll probably make it tomorrow and put it up.

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