Saturday 1 November 2008

Would you want a trick from this little lot!?!

Portly Pumpkin, Pinky the Witch and Pop-out-Eye the Pirate

This is the first year that my kids have really got into the whole halloween thing so we went to a party at their friends house, went trick or treating around the local houses and played daft party games. Even the adults got dressed up ----- I was a witch with a green face and a black wart and a hat that didn't fit (hats NEVER fit me, my head's always too big for them!)but I didn't want to risk breaking the camera taking my photo!


Hi it's Maria said...

Oh caz they look so cute, I mean 'scary', lol.

sounds as if you all had a fun time, come on get the picture of you up....


cannycrafter said...

They look so cute! We had lots around here dress up, it is getting more poplular!!

sue-bubbles said...

Oooo...this little bunch would have had me hiding behind my settee!!! Great stuff Caz!!!
Sue x

a little bit of me........ said...

oh scary little kiddies you have Caz i hope they had a really good time!
jenni x

Alex said...

Your kids look so sweet!!! Oops, sorry, I mean scary of course!!
Lol, Alex